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The Young peoples counselling service (WYPCS) is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers and we employ trained counsellors to support the young people who access our services.


The service we provide is free and confidential and can be accessed by any young person aged between 11-16  in emotional difficulty.  Common problems we encounter include family and relationship difficulties, issues regarding loneliness and anxiety, problems associated with low self esteem and bullying, self harm, abuse, addiction, distress through bereavement or loss, depression and difficulty with decision making.


Many young people are referred via their local GP, but clients are also able, and encouraged, to access the service through self-referral. The key aim of the service is to tackle and address issues at an early stage. We see this as crucial support to allow them to focus on the many social and educational demands placed upon them at this important time in their life.


We have had periods of time where the service has received funding and other times when it has relied solely on donations. Our team has recently secured donations from BGL in Peterborough, The Letter B, Whittlesey and we have also attended fundraising events such as The Yaxley Festival and local school fetes. This helps us to raise awareness of the service and meet local families and young people.

(BGL PHOTO IS Louise Russell, Michelle Lay counsellor for Yaxley surgery, Samantha Ronnay BGL) ( Letter B PHOTO is Louise Russell , Michelle Lay, Leigh Meike.

The service last had government funding in 2013 and the previous committee made that money last to ensure the service remained open. It is true to say that since then the awareness of mental health issues has increased exponentially in the media, and the NHS services and GP surgeries have struggled to meet the growing demand. 


Today we have five locations we operate from which have all been given to us for free. These are The Yaxley Group Practice, The Bungalow WDY School Yaxley,The Jenna Health centre, Whittlesey, The Community Centre, Scaldgate Whittlesey and Sir Harry Smiths community college, Whittlesey.. Our vision is to cover Cambridgeshire as a whole and continue to seek out locations where we keep our overheads down and offer free workshops and events for parents and young people to become more informed about the key issues. Our website will also have tools and articles which can help those who are not ready for face to face sessions.


We are currently looking for people who are interested in joining our fundraising team and local companies who may have a charity donations budget. If you would like to get involved in a small way by organising or participating in a fundraising event in aid of the Young peoples counselling service you will be directly paying towards a young person receiving a course of counselling sessions in your local community. Each young persons course of sessions costs a maximum of £360. Contact Louise Russell on 07779991202 or admin@ypcs.uk.

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young peoples counselling service

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Tel: +44 779 7795095546 +44 779 7795095546
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More volunteers

The recent recruitment campaign has boosted our numbers, but we are always looking to welcome more volunteers.

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