Young People’s Counselling Service
The Jenner Health Centre
1 Turners Lane

Phone: 0800 634 4395

The Annabelle Davis Centre (created by the Young People’s Counselling Service) will be a place where young people and families faced with challenges can find practical and emotional support, helping people seek solutions to a wide range of problems and helping build resilience. The centre will offer an integrated and collective approach, working with multiple agencies and partners.
“I’m honoured to support YPCS as they create ‘The Annabelle Davis Centre’. The work they do for young people within the community is amazing, and is very much needed. The media’s influence on young people today makes growing up far more challenging. Judgemental social media promotes ideas of perfection, instilling ideas of inadequacy and causing anxiety in young people through no fault of their own.
This new centre will allow the YPCS to help even more individuals. It provides a safe place for young people to talk, and realise that they are not alone.” Annabelle Davis star of award winning British children’s drama series The Dumping Ground