Children's Mental Health Week 2021

This year for Children’s Mental Health Week we launched a poetry competition. With this year’s theme being ‘Express Yourself’, we sought to encourage self-expression through creativity and to share the voices of young people. Our competition was even featured on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire! 

Winning Entry - 'Happy Me'

You can only find true happiness with a little less haste
Take a breath and take a minute to feel, touch and taste
Happiness isn’t an object you can see and feel
When you realise this I promise you you can reach for the sky!

You can pass on happiness with a joke, politeness and love is a must
You have to put your faith in people to show them you trust
Every day is a miracle so open your eyes and see
The true beauty of the world and the wonder it can be!

A kiss on the cheek from the gentle breeze or the warmth of the sun on your skin
The willow tree dancing on the river delicate and thin
The rain patting down on the window like a mellow drum
The giggles of children passing by and having fun
I don’t own the secret to happiness, it’s all around to see
See the good in every day and you will find happiness is free!

– Erin, age 11

Special Mention - 'Being Positive Is Fun'

Being positive is fun when you are with your family
You can play games together
And even if you cannot see your friends
You can get a teddy bear and that can be your friend
Being positive is fun when you are with your family

– Seren, age 8

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