Community Work

Our work in the community allows us to reach more young people to provide education about mental health and learn valuable supportive skills. Please contact us to find out how we can help your youth group or organisation. 

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Crunch Youths

We facilitate online mental health and wellbeing sessions to support young people.

Boxing Futures

We provide mental health advice and short term counselling to the young people involved in the Boxing Futures projects. We also support project facilitators with subject material.

Youth Inspired

During the Coronavirus lockdown we facilitated online mental health and wellbeing sessions. Our 'Coping With Covid-19' packs were also included in lockdown packs to help support young people at home.

20Twenty Productions

We have worked in consultation with young people to find out their experiences of mental health and the services they would most like to see to create Well-Being Wednesdays. This comprises of a Well-Being Journal for young people and Well-Being Mentor training for peer support.

Young People’s Counselling Service
Annabelle Davis Centre
School Bungalow
Peterborough PE7 3JD

Phone: 01733 903288

Registered Charity No. 1190555