Corporate Partners

There are many ways your company can help the work of The Young People’s Counselling Service. We can also offer support to you and your employees with trainings and interventions. 

How Your Company Can Help

Monetary or equipment donations
Organising fundraising by staff
Lending skilled staff to advise in their area of expertise (such as marketing, sales, HR, finance, IT)
Providing volunteers at our fundraising events

How We Can Help Your Company

Wide-ranging packages of education and mental health skills training
1:1 advice
Interventions that improve morale, increase productivity and aim to reduce sickness absence

Why Invest In Mental Health At Work?

Mental health has been shown to contribute to 50% of sickness absence in most organisations. It costs employers nationally £45 million per year and the costs have risen 16% in 2 years. Poor mental health is also a major driving force behind many physical illnesses. Dealing with the impact of poor mental health should be a propriety for employers as the impact is rising. This in turn significantly impacts on the existing challenges in some sectors of recruitment and retention.

Mental health reduces the profitability of all businesses that neglect to actively manage it within their organisation. The impact of stress or trauma leads to poor physical, mental and emotional health. This impacts performance, increases errors, results in absence from work and contributes to early retirement. For employers, the costs of managing this and absorbing the inefficiencies is significant.

Why The Young People's Counselling Service?

Unlike other companies, all profits generated from our corporate partners are re-invested into the mental well being of local young people. This is a fantastic way to support the community in which you do business and develop the neighbours and employees of the future. You would also be working with highly qualified professional who are committed to improving mental health.

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