End of Year Letter From YPCS Chair Dr. Alison Graham

End of Year Letter to Our Supporters

There hasn’t ever been a year quite like 2020 and I am sure none of us want to go through it again. However, amongst the negatives, the stress, and the pain there have been an awful lot of positives if you look hard enough. 

This year YPCS has established itself as a widely recognised and highly respected charity providing support for children, young people, and families of the highest quality. Michelle has been the public face of that and has done a fabulous job. However, It takes a dedicated team to support her in this role and I want to thank everyone who contributes to the end result. It means that we have received a small amount of statutory funding for the first time which has taken some of the pressure off fund raising and we are hopeful for more in 2021.

The Annabelle Davis Centre in Yaxley has developed further with the healing garden now complete and Annabelle’s gorgeous artwork on the walls. COVID-19 interrupted therapy but we acted swiftly to ensure that we adapted to providing online support for some months then resumed face to face as soon as we were able. Our systems have been upgraded to a digital format and so we are able to monitor progress and provide reports much more easily. I want to thank Remi our administrator who works so hard to organise us. 

Fundraising has taken a massive hit due to COVID-19 restrictions and we have been thankful that we took the decision to employ  Development Manager Thelma who has been highly successful in winning grants for us. Demand continues to rise rapidly, and we need to continue to expand to meet that need as there is nowhere else for these young people to go. We will not turn our backs on them. 

Our work in schools continues to grow as does our wide-ranging early intervention programmes. Our second centre in Wisbech is progressing and we will post updates on our website which has also had a complete make over thanks to Kirsty. 

Our therapy team is growing, and they all continue to do some amazing work with very troubled clients and their professionalism shows in the outcomes they achieve and the lovely feedback we get. 

There are many people who support us in various ways, but we have a two very special volunteers who deserve a particular mention this year. Firstly, Sam who regularly gets us match funding from BGL that doubles the value of every £1 we raise and talks to everyone about us to spread the word. Secondly Max who watered the plants all summer and keeps the centre looking spic and span as well as collecting raffles prizes and yellow collection pots. You are both awesome and we are very grateful. 

I must not forget to thank my board of trustees. They are all so driven to achieve the same goal that they take very little leading. The hours they put in is extra-ordinary and I am grateful and humbled by their dedication. We have a few new trustees hopefully starting with us early next year and we have roles as YPCS Ambassadors or YPCS mentors for people with specific skills who cannot commit to being a trustee. Contact us if you want to know more. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who believes in us and what we are doing and who thinks of us when fund raising opportunities arise. Fingers crossed we will have a more normal ‘vaccinated’ 2021 full of enjoyable fundraising events and hugs… How much have we all missed THEM! Celebrate safely and much love and good wishes for next year in all you do. 


Dr Alison Graham (Chair YPCS)

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